Culligan supposedly installed a water softer have been "filling" it with salt for 9 months recently "repaired" the unit. Now they want me to keep paying for a service I get Absolute No benefit from while my family continues to suffer, then they come out here and racially harass another man sent out here to help, pretend to do tests(no results)except that I should give them another couple of thousand dollars.

Don't use their service, if you are in Naples Ft. Myers hire ANYONE else. Sullivan does not treat their customers with respect, they do not honor their contracts, they discriminate and when you ask for help they will hang up on you!

Learn from my mistake, they may be great at delivering water, but they can't fix, manage, or treat actually water systems. If you read this review and disregard my warning, you deserve to be taken like the fool you are...

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I'm the local Culligan dealer. I would like to help you resolve the problem.

Please give me a call at (888)482-2213.

Just ask for Tony. I'm sure we can work something out.


Funny you had this problem. We did to and have to pay for something that is hazardous to our health.


Funny how the comments are all about company-owned store cities. Disgruntled sales reps?

Hmmm. Sure sounds like it.

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