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I purchased a home with an installed/leased Reverse Osmosis System installed from Culligan Water Systems in Kennewick, WA.

Shortly after purchasing the home I requested a service call to my house from the local CW office, when the appointment was made I requested the service technician to run a hook up from the RO system installed under my sink to the refrigerator on the other side of my kitchen, that entailed running tubing along the beams in the basement and then thought the floor to the refrigerator.

Shortly after installing the new tubing/fittings to the refrigerator I noticed water puddling up on my floor. I called Culligan and asked them to send investigate the leak and make repairs as needed. They sent a service tech and office manager to my house, looked at the fittings and determined the fitting they installed was faulty and accepted responsibility for the resulting water damage caused by the faulty connection. The local Culligan office also said they would make repairs to the hard wood flooring damaged by the leaky fitting.

They later reneged on the offer to make the repairs they promised. I turned it over to my insurance company along with pictures taken during the time Culligan was at my house. My insurance company attempted to make them pay for the damages but they still refused saying the damage was accidental and they had no way of knowing the fittings would leak.

My insurance company paid for the repairs and I had Culligan come remove their leased RO from my house. I installed a new system and connection to the fridge myself.

Do not use Culligan Water Systems from Kennewick, WA.

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Kennewick, Washington, United States #764091

I had culligan install a water softener in my home as well, after going thru a ton of salt and having no service or reply from Culligan, I called there competitor, the showed up timely and removed there old outdated lack of quality water system and installed a new system that uses 1/4 of the salt and the water tatses great! Kinnetico is the way to go!!


Thanks for sharing your story, I'm looking for a system and I will avoid Culligan.


I had exactly the same problem. Sorry you experienced it too.

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